Monday, August 30, 2010

Vheissu: Who Are You?

Our Identity is found in Christ

What makes up our identity? Is it the jobs we work? The cars we drive? The clothes we wear?

If we acknowledge that there is something greater in the world than us, then we have the hope that we can each be something greater than ourselves. We don’t have to live our lives pursuing simple pleasures. There is something greater ahead that we can daily look forward to!

Without a loving Creator, what meaning does your life have besides seeking simple pleasures? What a sad, purposeless life it would be to live without a relationship with God. And nobody has to live that way! Jesus wants to have a relationship with you. Every human being is equally guilty of sin, so do not tell yourself that you are alone undeserving of God’s grace. We are all undeserving of God’s grace. That’s what makes it so gracious! But those willing to admit their guilt and ask forgiveness will have God’s blessings poured out on them. If you are done with pursuing simple pleasures, always looking for the next high, never feeling fulfilled, and you want to start living your life with a higher purpose, then begin your relationship with Jesus today. Pray to him. Admit your guilt. Ask for forgiveness. Receive forgiveness. No longer be a slave to sin!


Who would others say that you are? Who would you say you are? Who do you want to be? Is there any discrepancy between the answers to these three questions? Leave your comment!

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